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As a scriptwriter, copywriter, ghostwriter, and storyteller extraordinaire, I find that every project involves ALL of me. From expert blogging to email campaigns to landing pages and website content, to social media promotional ads and startups needing powerfully engaging words, I'm at the helm of crafting creative content that ranks high for SEO optimization and provides influential brand messaging for target audiences.

To be able to contribute my words to publications, websites, entrepreneurs, and YouTube channels is a grateful privilege I don't take lightly. I have over 10 years of experience--with an emphasis on health & wellness, culture, travel, entertainment, lifestyle, e-commerce, law, marketing, real estate, and cutting-edge brands. My organized and detailed approach to deadlines is top-notch and welcomed by all businesses and startups.

I've authored and published seven nonfiction books available at major online and independent outlets. My work as a contributing writer, ghostwriter, and blogger includes numerous magazines, digital marketing sites, startup apps, and collaborating alongside industry professionals. I have spearheaded email and social media campaigns for all genres, and have provided expert-level copywriter services to various brands and businesses that demand strategy and accountability.

As a ghostwriter, my pen name is Gerry Bird, and I have authored three books. I work with those who need a solid collaborator for e-books, short books for young or adult readers, and other projects involving my expert authorship that sell on major retail sites or client websites.

My extensive research skills, creative imagination, and positive mindset lend themselves to this beautiful art of writing.

V26I2 (Spring 2024)

ANIMAL WELLNESS CELEBRATES 25 YEARS! | 5 ways to help prevent cancer in dogs and cats | Food allergies in dogs - a plan for change | Natural ways to protect your dog or cat from fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes | Why positive reinforcement is the best way to train dogs | Chronic inflammation - the root cause of disease in dogs and cats | Can your dog or cat get ringworm?

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Gerry Ellen Avery

I have authored and published six books and am currently working on my 7th. As a creative writer, storyteller, copywriter, ghostwriter, and scriptwriter, I've had the fortunate opportunity to help startup apps in the travel entertainment industry, brands seeking more audience engagement, and digital marketing trends rank higher on Google Analytics.

How Many Dog & Cat Treats are Too Many?

Obesity is an all-too-common problem with pets who go overboard on treats, but how do you stop yourself and well-meaning friends from giving your pet too many treats? From healthy treats to limited treats - it's not easy, but it is possible to control your pet's weight.


Take your journey to the next level with 10,000+ location-based audio stories.

Recovering The Self: A Journal of Hope and Healing (Vol. VII, No. 1)

Recovering The Self: A Journal of Hope and Healing (Vol. VII, No. 1) - Kindle edition by Dempsey, Ernest, Siegel, Bernie, Raphael, Lev. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Use features like bookmarks, note taking and highlighting while reading Recovering The Self: A Journal of Hope and Healing (Vol.

What is Luxating Patella in Dogs? | Signs, Prognosis and Treatment Options

It's a beautiful scene to watch a puppy or an adult dog romping around happy and healthy while enjoying the sniffs and activities they love best. There's nothing more joyful than being in the presence of your canine companion and watching them run wild and free just for the fun of it.

How to Celebrate Valentine's Day with Your Pets

Celebrating Valentine's Day with your beloved pet is an extra special treat. Whether you're single or partnered up, having a pet in your life can up the ante of compassion, love, and nurturing on all levels. So when February 14 rolls in make sure your fur baby is on the list to get some special gifts and extra adoration.

Mochas & Javas
What to Look for When Choosing a Coffee Shop to Work From

In today's world, coffee shops aren't solely to order your caffeine fix, wait until it's ready at the counter, then take off to face the rest of the day and all it entails. Coffee houses have become a revolutionary work zone for all ages and occupations.

The Blog Place
5 Ideas to Keep Your Home Healthy | MUST READ (2 minutes)

5 Ideas to Keep Your Home Healthy. Imagine waking up every morning and realizing that your home environment might be contributing to that nagging cough or sniffly nose. If you have any pre-existing allergies to outdoor pollens, having your indoor space be full of toxins will exacerbate your condition.

April Golightly
The Best Career Choices for Women in Today's Market

AFFILIATE DISCLOSURE: This post contains affiliate links. We earn a small commission from qualifying purchases. Women have been climbing the ranks of all different types of industries for years now. In fact, women in the workplace make up almost 50% of corporate markets and entrepreneurs who strive to seal their trademark in the world and make a difference.

Internet Vibes
6 Film Distribution Strategies You Need to Know - Internet Vibes

In the world of filmmaking, it all boils down to knowing what you want to accomplish and how to sell your film without breaking your bank. Strategies for releasing your movie can be linked to various goals; however, the critical component is keeping the distribution and marketing as simple as possible.

The World's Weakest Currencies in 2021

The world already has a sense of what are the most powerful currencies, as these countries promote strength and stability through their money exchanges. For instance, the US dollar, the British Pound Sterling, the Swiss Franc, and the Euro are the top powerhouses of currency, which also explains the value of the countries who are issuing them.

The Pros and Cons of Casual Dating After 40

Turning another aging milestone is not for the faint of heart. It's true that once you enter your 40s and are journeying out of millennial-hood and into a new generation of 'zoomers' there's a bit of nostalgia when it comes to dating as a single person.

Elephant Journal
Elephant Journal

daily blog, videos, e-newsletter & magazine on yoga + organics + green living + non-new agey spirituality + ecofashion + conscious consumerism=it's about the mindful life.

When It Comes to Selling Your Business, It's All About Timing - Hatchwise

Starting a business, and successfully running a business, can be one of the most worthwhile decisions you'll ever make. However, there comes a moment when second guessing that decision leaves you with confusion on whether the business is growing and earning a decent bottom line, keeping your passion involved, or it simply becomes a has-been.

Hygieia Skin Care
6 Benefits of Jojoba Oil for Your Skin

There are few beauty products that are as straightforward as an essential oil. Whether you slather a drop or two onto your problem areas-be it that dry patch on your skin or on the split ends of your hair-it's easy to resume your life once you've applied.

Hygieia Skin Care
Rosehips Oil & Anti-Aging, The Real Deal Science Breakdown

While there are two fundamentally different types of oil that one can squeeze out of a rose, each has their own characteristics and usage for skin. The first is rose petal oil which is probably what most people think of when they think of rose oil.

Hygieia Skin Care
How to Make Homemade Lavender Lip Balm

Making your own lip balm is anything but difficult. In fact, homemade lavender lip balm can soothe dry or chapped lips, and also protect the delicate skin of your mouth from harsh temperatures and other factors that could irritate the tissue.

Hygieia Skin Care
How To Get Rid of Scars the Natural Way

Almost every person has a scar they'd really rather not see every day, some that you may notice on a daily basis, while others are hidden under layers of clothes. If you have scars from cuts and scrapes, injuries, acne, or surgery, chances are nobody else is noticing, but they can be annoying and make you feel self-conscious.

Hygieia Skin Care
Face Mapping: What Your Skin May Be Telling You

With the saying "everything old is new again," what springs to mind is an ancient technique known as face mapping, especially when it comes to understanding your skin and any potential breakouts. For example, that annoying pimple in the middle of your forehead, how can face mapping reveal why this is happening?

Hygieia Skin Care
A DIY Tea Tree Oil Recipe for Acne At Any Age

Tea tree oil is a natural antiseptic extracted from the leaves of an indigenous Australian tree known as Melaleuca alternifolia. Tea tree oil is an excellent skin treatment option, especially for oily, acne-prone skin, which is why it is considered the best natural remedy for acne.

B Well Consulting
Remote Fitness Classes: The Bad - B Well Consulting

Welcome back to the 50 States series! In case you missed the first installment, you can catch up here to see what this series is all about! Last week, we covered the great parts of remote fitness classes that our founder, Chris Beer, took part in.

Breezy Content
How to Make Video Content Marketing Affordable - Breezy Content

It's hard to look around and not see video - in-person and online. YouTube has turned into the second biggest search engine in the world. Since YouTube was acquired by Google, people immediately click on video options (sourced from YouTube) when searching for anything via Google.

Hygieia Skin Care
The Benefits and Uses of Glycerin for Skin Health

Glycerin is one of the most valuable substances in the world and is found in a wide variety of everyday products. Due to its outstanding moisturizing properties, glycerin is commonly used in skin care products. Whether you only use natural skin care products or household brands, it's highly likely you'll find glycerin on labels throughout your home.

Hygieia Skin Care
How Nutrition Affects Your Skin Quality

Your complexion is one of the first things people notice about you, and the health of your skin says a lot about the way you eat and live your life. The condition of your skin really reflects what you put in your body, and a healthy diet is really an "inside-out" approach to healthy skin.

Logo Design Magazine
10 Logo Designers Who Have Rocked Our World

Over the decades there have been countless famous brands with their respective attractive logos, and it's often wondered who created this or that magnificent logo? Behind every successful brand, there is always a great designer. It's not so much the design itself, it's the face and persona who brought their iconic logo to fruition and how.

Dr. Eric Snow
Turmeric and Curcumin: The Dynamic Duo for Inflammation

As a single ingredient, turmeric spice manages to pack a major health punch. Turmeric is all the buzz in the herbal supplementation industry, and for good reason. This bright yellow spice that has been used throughout Asia and India for centuries, has in recent decades been embraced by the West, not just for its ability to satisfy an added essence to curry dishes, but for its impressive list of health benefits.

The Future of Marketing in 2021 - Digital Marketing ThrivePOP

It is of a genuine belief that 2021 will be full of optimism for marketing, with a focus on performance across channels, empowered by improved tracking. Most of the behaviors consumers and brands will adopt are based on core values, authenticity, and the efficiency of digital channels.

4 Reasons To Go Gluten-Free

If you're embarking on a new plan for a new year, there's nothing more liberating than having a glance at your dietary habits and seeing what needs to stay and what needs to go. Going gluten-free is an option embraced by many, however knowing the ins and outs of why you want to take this dietary path is something to be explored.

Dr. Eric Snow
The Ins and Outs of Oxidative Stress

Putting it simply, oxidative stress is an imbalance of free radicals and antioxidants in the body, which can lead to cell and tissue damage. Oxidative stress occurs naturally and plays a role in the aging process, and evidence suggests that long-term oxidative stress contributes to the development in a range of chronic conditions, such as cancer, diabetes, and heart disease.

Gerry Ellen Avery - The Flocksy Blog

As a new year approaches, the all-too-familiar making of resolutions becomes front and center. Have you given any thought to health related issues lately? If not, it's time to wake up to the fact that your health and wellbeing is vitally important.

Logo Design Magazine
Rebranding a Football Organization Logo to Make Sense for the Future

NFL football is big business. When teams within the organization make dramatic shifts with either personnel, venue relocations, outfit changes, and color selections, and in this case--logo changes and overall team name changes, it's a sensation to behold. What makes news in the circles of sports is the WHY of these transformative shifts and the WHEN it will happen.

Why You're Not Losing Weight On The Keto Diet

Here's the thing: You've cut down on carbs and loaded up on bacon, cheese, and avocados, yet the numbers on the scale aren't moving. What's the deal? First, let's cover some basics about the keto diet you've been following and why you're not losing weight on this particular high-fat/high-protein diet.

Graphic Design or Illustration: Which Best Suits Your Needs? - Flocksy

Creative jobs and their scope of influence has widened over the years, helping professionals explore a diverse range of career opportunities. Organizations tend to hire graphic designers to craft appealing designs for packaging and advertising purposes whereas illustrators are highly sought-after by novelists, marketing agencies, and advertising firms. The demand is growing for both fields ...

The Most Effective Road To A Good Night's Sleep - Flocksy

Getting enough sleep is one of those novelties that seems to surpass even the most stalwart business executives and people who thrive on artistry. Not everybody is immune to insomnia, no matter how hard they try to convince themselves otherwise. Thus, it's no surprise that a good night's sleep is considered gold these days, and for good reason.

When A Brand Goes Viral and It's Not a Good Look - Hatchwise

Being a marketing master of public speaking is being able to read the room, understand who you're addressing, and tailor your message to that particular group. There's nothing more humiliating to a brand messaging campaign than delivering a punch-line to the worldwide audience, only to realize the backlash and potential silence of those whom you thought might engage in the content.

How Smokers Are At A Higher Risk Of Getting COVID-19

Smoking or vaping is considered an underlying condition that heightens your risk for complications from COVID-19. It is a health crisis of unprecedented proportions and the more your smoke and do damage to your lungs, the more vulnerable your entire body becomes to contracting the virus.

Dr. Eric Snow
7 Signs of an Unhealthy Gut and What to Do

Having an unhealthy digestive system can wreak havoc on other parts of your body, which strives to be a well-running machine. But think about it--your gut influences everything from digestion to your brain and your immune system.. However, if your gut isn't at its healthiest, there are some distress signals that include the obvious symptoms of bloating, gas, or constipation.

Dr. Eric Snow
The Top 20 Foods Ranked Highest in Vitamin C

It's no surprise that vitamin C is the most familiar of all of the nutrients. Despite the familiarity of the public with vitamin C and the popularity of vitamin C supplements, food intake of rich vitamin C sources needs to be a priority in a daily nutritional diet.

Dr. Eric Snow
8 Essential Benefits of Taking Probiotics

To understand the function of probiotics in your system is to grasp what exactly they are and how different strains can assist in the tasks they're designed to perform. Not all probiotics are made the same. Some of them come in supplement form, while others are packaged within certain foods, like homemade fermented vegetables, and can actually be quite potent.

The Best Tips For Creating A Captivating Newsletter - Hatchwise

If you've ever wondered how to spread the good word of your business and reap the rewards of more users and clicks onto your website, well, look no further. Oftentimes, the content of your social media posts can get lost in the mix, however a newsletter sent directly to your target audience will captivate and [...]

Tips for Getting More Google Reviews to Increase Your SEO Rank - Hatchwise

Successfully launching-and growing-a local business is tough work. Something as simple as Google reviews, however, can make life much easier. In the past, local businesses could largely rely on foot traffic and word of mouth to grow their brand. Nowadays though, most customers begin their search for businesses online - even when they're looking for [...]

15 Famous Entrepreneurs Share Inspiring Words - Hatchwise

Imagine being on the cusp of something truly great and successful in life or business, and all that's left is a legacy of inspiring words and innovations for decades to come. From those who have been in the trenches, these are the ones who can offer hope.

Dash Diet Could Lower Blood Pressure

Now that you're ready to explore a vegetarian diet and all the health benefits it provides, the next step is to discover how eating more plant-based foods can lower your blood pressure--amongst other essential wellness attributes. Vegetarian diets are currently all the rage, as most people are seeking alternatives to processed foods and heavily meat-based meals.

Your Digestive System and How It Works

Imagine that your body is a finely tuned machine and runs smoothly day in and day out. Every food and beverage consumed is in perfect harmony with how your internal system works, yet there can be disruptions and challenges when the main digestive tract rebels with how it's treated.

What Is Influencer Marketing? - Hatchwise

Ever wonder how some businesses seem to expand into the stratosphere with marketing and networking success? Oftentimes, the key is simply a matter of who you hire and whether their influence on social media and beyond can attract more consumers to your business. Entering into the world of influencer marketing has the ability to take [...]

Google Docs
Why Nobody Cares About COVID-19

Protect your family from COVID-19 by getting personal protection supplies. We are a trusted seller of KN95 masks and hand sanitizers. Buy yours now. Contact Details: I Want A Mask 945 McKinney St.

Expanding Your International Business Platform - Hatchwise

The Roman geographical vision stretched to modern Scotland in the north, to Ethiopia in the south, and had the Atlantic Ocean providing the western horizon. Looking east, however, matters were more complicated--there was knowledge of other kingdoms beyond the Parthian Empire on Rome's borders.

Vanquish Media Group
End of an Era: VOD as the New Normal

The impact of COVID-19 touches almost every industry and aspect of our lives; from education to healthcare to trying to get a sandwich for lunch. And it's no different for the film industry. This pandemic has changed how the film industry produces and promotes movies.

Why an Official Business Number is Better Than Your Personal Number | Omni Blog

Being in the early stages of starting a business, you're probably considering using your personal cell phone number for your work. This is normal-it's affordable and convenient, and most people prefer it out of habit. Switching to something new seems like a hassle. However, "personal" and "business" are very different fields, and they require mutually exclusive approaches.

Travel California: The Early Natives Who Shaped This Land

Delving deep into the origins of the California coastline and its interior regions, it brings up a bevy of questions in my heart as to who, where, when, and why? The Early Natives who occupied these regions--from the inland areas to the outward stretches of the Pacific Coast--continually conjure up images in our minds that incite fascination and wonder.

Surviving As A Creative In A World Of Chaos - Hatchwise

Let's face it. The world is one spinning cycle of one thing after another coming at us from all angles on a constant basis, yet it takes an imaginative brain to dissect every nuance and find your center to thrive and survive.

NVA's Realm of Emotional Wellness

Animals have greater emotional sensations when compared to humans, so it's only natural that, during crisis or moments of pause, our beloved pets choose to sidle up to us even more with their innate trust and loyalty. How this affects the overall well-being of both animal and their person depends on the health and relationship of connection.

Why You Need a Sensational Logo For Your Business - Hatchwise

When you need to connect your mind to the business in question without ever seeing the actual name of the brand, how important is it for instant recognition? Without question, a logo is the holy grail of your business. Think of the 'golden arches' of McDonald's, or the 'swoosh' of Nike--these two are iconic for taking great care of their logos.

Animal Wellness Magazine
4 ways to exercise your dog's mind | Animal Wellness Magazine

Your dog's mind is always at work. Next time you're on a walk, pay attention to the way he stops, lifts his muzzle into the air, and takes a few seconds to absorb his surroundings. It might seem like he's doing it for no reason, but it's his way of sensing something of interest.

Results Based Marketing Solutions
Ep12 James Burkes shares how to go from homeless to 6 figures

Do you ever imagine you'd end up on the streets after an unsuccessful childhood and sports career that goes nowhere? Yet, there's a silver lining. Welcome to the world of James Burke, a world-ranked business coach who's gone from homeless to plentiful in just three years. James Burke's story is anything but normal.

Are You An Entrepreneur? Signs That You Might Be - Hatchwise

Imagine yourself waking up, strolling into the kitchen to make your first pot of coffee, wearing your pajamas, maybe even stepping outside to watch the sunrise. Take that a step further, and imagine the day begins on your own terms. You are the boss. If you can see it, you can be it.

Small Businesses Can Benefit with Workflows and Automation

As a business owner, your number one concern needs to be strategic and how to achieve growth through positive revenue. A new decade is upon us, and more and more small businesses are aligning themselves with workflow solutions that involve automation. What exactly is automation?

The Future of Your Small Business Relies on Managed IT Services

Whenever you embark upon a new business as either an entrepreneur or startup who's jumping into unfamiliar territory, it's imperative to modernize your technology to keep up with the ever-changing times of successful growth. Having the necessary resources to move from good to great requires outsourcing specific IT tasks to those professionals who can help you benefit from every aspect of business organization.

Buying A Wireless Printer? Here's 5 Things You Should Know | BlueDogInk

As technology continues to advance and takes its place at the forefront of our modern day-to-day lives, every upgrade can be the difference between success or lack of motivation. Wireless phones, wireless setups around the household, wireless computers, these are mainstays in life and the workspace.

The Top 10 Graphic Designers: #1 Jason Santa Maria - Hatchwise

Conjure up an image in your mind of one of the world's best graphic designers, how they create, what motivates their craft, and the persona behind their brilliance. Now imagine being able to work with this person, side-by-side, someone who devotes their entire heart to helping clients transform their business outreach, and someone who has ...

Animal Wellness Magazine
Bringing your dog to work - the top 5 benefits | Animal Wellness Magazine

When you're at work, doing your job and collaborating with your coworkers, has it ever occurred to you that there might be something missing? Something that would ease tension and stress, add fun and support to the work environment, and even increase productivity and morale? How about dogs?

Does Your Mission Statement Align with Your Core Message? - WriterAccess

Business owners, marketers, entrepreneurs, and advertising executives have one goal, and that is to attract clients through savvy marketing. What constitutes the practice of business messaging is ensuring each word aligns with your mission statement. A mission statement defines the business, its objectives, and the approach business owners use to reach those objectives.

Conscious Life News
How To Transform Your Soul in Hawaii

"Hawaii is not a state of mind but a state of grace." ....Paul Theroux As a cluster of islands off the coast of California, therein lies the ultimate paradise and gateway to another dimension. Warmer waters of the Pacific, the Hawaiian islands are undoubtedly a traveler's romantic and soulful destination.

Tasteful Space
The Simple Life on Kauai | Tasteful Space

How to summarize an island so rich with color, so glorious in spirit, so compassionate in nature, it needs a true adventurer to dig in and not let go. Extolling the magic of Kauai becomes almost a parable, as the oldest and wettest of the Hawaiian islands, the lush landscape of tropical flowers and waterfalls ...

Are You Ready to be a Freelancer Who Sets Your Own Rates? - WriterAccess

Ready to create your worth? Business owners know the value of their employees, or they should know the value of those who work for them. If you sign onto a project as an employee, you're subject to whatever hourly rate they're willing to pay, plus any health insurance benefits, if that.

Porthole Cruise
Pack These Vitamins for a Healthy Cruise Vacation | Porthole Cruise

Your bags are all packed, your embarkation documents are all ready to go, you've arranged accommodations for your pets, yet you might be forgetting one crucial element to a happy and healthy cruise vacation: vitamins. Have you ever found yourself out to sea wishing you had brought along the basic vitamins that maintain your overall health during vacation and endless buffets of delectable food?

7 Restaurant email designs to boost your campaigns

The restaurant industry is notoriously competitive, with everyone from massive chains to local haunts vying for diners' attention. In email inboxes, that contest is incredibly fierce. So, to stand out, what's the secret ingredient? Amazing restaurant email designs. But what makes a restaurant's email design amazing, and how do you decide what design to use for your particular message?

Purpose Fairy
On The Invaluable Wisdom Gained In Life

Life is and always be a journey, and along the way, you will gain invaluable wisdom as long as you\re willing to open your eyes, mind, and heart. Are you up for it? So here I am, writing in my journal with a ruby stone held gently in my hand, marking the day I turned 60 years young.

Animal Wellness Magazine
Why consistent training throughout your dog's life is essential

Maintaining a consistent training regimen is just as important as teaching your pup his manners at the start of life! Here's why. Dogs amplify your own well-being tenfold, so why not continue learning lessons together? No matter his breed or age, consistent training can solidify the trust and bond between you and your dog.

Animal Wellness Magazine
Top tips for taking your dog to an Airbnb

If you like to travel with your dog, seeking accommodation at a pet-friendly Airbnb couldn't be simpler! Keep these tips in mind during the planning process. As the notion of traveling with your dog raises excitement and curiosity, consider staying at a pet-friendly Airbnb to further your travel experience.

6 Templates to make your thank you emails stand out

Thank you emails are an important part of business for many brands across many verticals. And they can be tricky, as it's important to be emotional and also authentic. Every client deserves a thank you email. Once an agreement is made between business and client, recognizing the efforts via email is a valuable way of honoring that agreement.

Porthole Cruise
Get Your 10,000 Steps in While on a Cruise Ship | Porthole Cruise

Boarding a cruise ship can be full of excitement and challenges. Knowing there's an adventure ahead for several days can give a passenger, especially an active one, more innovation and creativity to maintain a level of fitness when out to sea. There are solutions to being able to walk and attain your tried-and-true 10,000 steps on a cruise ship.

Porthole Cruise
The Partner Yoga Workout for Honeymoon Cruises | Porthole Cruise

Ah, wedded bliss has bestowed its' wonderful self upon you. The notion that spending your years with a forever person has anted up how you move about the world and how sharing it with another brings more joy than ever. Your honeymoon journey is ready to begin and a cruise is what's in store.

Gerry Ellen Books

Visit's Gerry Ellen Page and shop for all Gerry Ellen books. Check out pictures, bibliography, and biography of Gerry Ellen

Clean MachineĀ®
Nutrition: What Should You Eat Pre- and Post-Workout?

Your Workout Nutritional Plan Imagine having an abundance of choices to eat as an exercise enthusiast. Now take it a step further: imagine following a plant-based diet and having to create meals and workouts solely for the purpose of your ethical choices and overall well-being.

Porthole Cruise
Are There Vegetarian Options on Cruise Ships? | Porthole Cruise

Taking an adventure out to sea amidst a bevy of bountiful food on board can be interesting for a vegetarian. At first, those who oblige to a vegetarian diet only find themselves wondering if they'll be able to satisfy their tastebuds AND get quality nutrition. Fear not vegetarians!

Porthole Cruise
Ginger for Seasickness: The Wonder Drug | Porthole Cruise Magazine

Imagine boarding your cruise or personal water craft with the intention of exploring and taking adventures to lands you've never visited and have always desired to go. Now imagine that you've pushed out to sea and the landscape appears so vast and beautiful, you can barely contain yourself with joy and admiration.

Passion Never Retires
Passion Never Retires for Gerry Ellen

What is the best thing I love about my work? The creativity, the remoteness, the ability to take an idea and transfer it onto the page. Ever since I discovered my passion for writing, I've intertwined a touch of wit, a touch of inspiration, and words that come straight from my heart.

Loving Healing Press

978-1-61599-340-6 Recovering the Self: A Journal of Hope and Healing (Vol. VI, No. 1) April 2016 Recovering The Self is a quarterly journal which explores the themes of recovery and healing through the lenses of poetry, memoir, opinion, essays, fiction, humor, art, media reviews and psycho-education.

The Tattooed Buddha
Gerry Ellen

Gerry Ellen is an author, freelance writer, storyteller, and wellness helper for dogs and humans. Her latest venture: combines all of her passions of yoga, strength, outdoors and fun. Besides being a regular contributor to Meet Mindful, Be You Media Group, and Rebelle Society, she has also been featured on elephant journal and Light Workers World.

The Good Men Project
Gerry Ellen Avery, Author at The Good Men Project

Gerry Ellen Avery is an author, freelance writer, and wellness consultant. She is constantly getting inspired by all that life has to offer. With a longstanding background in fitness, health, and wellness, she is passionate about writing and connecting with anyone willing to go a step further in their lives.

Rebelle Society
Gerry Ellen, Author at Rebelle Society

Often, the virtual Edit button has merit. With that comes responsibility, to our hearts, to others' hearts, to the collective, to the planet. It all adds up to a medley of a burn within. Our desire to change within, and ultimately be part of the global change, is capturing more than what any ...