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My entire background involves the nature of health and well-being as a whole. As a published author of four nonfiction books under my pen name Gerry Ellen, I've had the fortunate role of inspiring and helping others with my work. I'm a contributing writer for numerous online & print publications, a copywriter in the digital marketing space, content writer for B2B business strategies, SaaS, a freelance blogger, and a storyteller extraordinaire.

Throughout my decade-long writing career, my content has focused primarily around older women's livelihood, healthcare, business-centered marketing, animal wellness, adventure & travel, holistic topics, and website branding for tech sites.

There's always more to write, more challenges to take on, more growth in genres and markets, and more of a willingness to sink my whole self into each one. For me, the joy and passion of writing creates momentum, thankfully.

Purpose Fairy
On The Invaluable Wisdom Gained In Life

Life is and always be a journey, and along the way, you will gain invaluable wisdom as long as you\re willing to open your eyes, mind, and heart. Are you up for it? So here I am, writing in my journal with a ruby stone held gently in my hand, marking the day I turned 60 years young.

Porthole Cruise
Pack These Vitamins for a Healthy Cruise Vacation | Porthole Cruise

Your bags are all packed, your embarkation documents are all ready to go, you've arranged accommodations for your pets, yet you might be forgetting one crucial element to a happy and healthy cruise vacation: vitamins. Have you ever found yourself out to sea wishing you had brought along the basic vitamins that maintain your overall health during vacation and endless buffets of delectable food?

Animal Wellness Magazine
Why consistent training throughout your dog's life is essential

Maintaining a consistent training regimen is just as important as teaching your pup his manners at the start of life! Here's why. Dogs amplify your own well-being tenfold, so why not continue learning lessons together? No matter his breed or age, consistent training can solidify the trust and bond between you and your dog.

Animal Wellness Magazine
Top tips for taking your dog to an Airbnb

If you like to travel with your dog, seeking accommodation at a pet-friendly Airbnb couldn't be simpler! Keep these tips in mind during the planning process. As the notion of traveling with your dog raises excitement and curiosity, consider staying at a pet-friendly Airbnb to further your travel experience.

Porthole Cruise
Get Your 10,000 Steps in While on a Cruise Ship | Porthole Cruise

Boarding a cruise ship can be full of excitement and challenges. Knowing there's an adventure ahead for several days can give a passenger, especially an active one, more innovation and creativity to maintain a level of fitness when out to sea. There are solutions to being able to walk and attain your tried-and-true 10,000 steps on a cruise ship.

Porthole Cruise
The Partner Yoga Workout for Honeymoon Cruises | Porthole Cruise

Ah, wedded bliss has bestowed its' wonderful self upon you. The notion that spending your years with a forever person has anted up how you move about the world and how sharing it with another brings more joy than ever. Your honeymoon journey is ready to begin and a cruise is what's in store.

Gerry Ellen Books

Visit Amazon.com's Gerry Ellen Page and shop for all Gerry Ellen books. Check out pictures, bibliography, and biography of Gerry Ellen

Porthole Cruise
Are There Vegetarian Options on Cruise Ships? | Porthole Cruise

Taking an adventure out to sea amidst a bevy of bountiful food on board can be interesting for a vegetarian. At first, those who oblige to a vegetarian diet only find themselves wondering if they'll be able to satisfy their tastebuds AND get quality nutrition. Fear not vegetarians!

Porthole Cruise
Ginger for Seasickness: The Wonder Drug | Porthole Cruise Magazine

Imagine boarding your cruise or personal water craft with the intention of exploring and taking adventures to lands you've never visited and have always desired to go. Now imagine that you've pushed out to sea and the landscape appears so vast and beautiful, you can barely contain yourself with joy and admiration.

Passion Never Retires
Passion Never Retires for Gerry Ellen

What is the best thing I love about my work? The creativity, the remoteness, the ability to take an idea and transfer it onto the page. Ever since I discovered my passion for writing, I've intertwined a touch of wit, a touch of inspiration, and words that come straight from my heart.

8 Paws Wellness with Gerry Ellen
Our Story

A mobile wellness business whereby Scout (my dog and muse) and I travel to various sites to offer the benefits of practicing yoga with dogs, having dogs in the workplace, how dogs can positively affect the behavior of children, how dogs need other pawed companions, and how a dog can help your writing.

Loving Healing Press

978-1-61599-340-6 Recovering the Self: A Journal of Hope and Healing (Vol. VI, No. 1) April 2016 Recovering The Self is a quarterly journal which explores the themes of recovery and healing through the lenses of poetry, memoir, opinion, essays, fiction, humor, art, media reviews and psycho-education.

The Tattooed Buddha
Gerry Ellen

Gerry Ellen is an author, freelance writer, storyteller, and wellness helper for dogs and humans. Her latest venture: www.eightpawswellness.squarespace.com combines all of her passions of yoga, strength, outdoors and fun. Besides being a regular contributor to Meet Mindful, Be You Media Group, and Rebelle Society, she has also been featured on elephant journal and Light Workers World.

Gerry Ellen | Lightworkersworld

by | Sep 10, 2014 | Uncategorized or Out of the Box Now the question for all of us to ponder is here with a resounding BOOM! How do we integrate all that we have learned (from the past six to twelve months) about our old selves into the newly formed and revered new self?

Consumer Health Digest Blogs
A Revolutionary Way To Dine

The technological wave of the future has been here longer than we can imagine, yet innovators are jumping on the 'app' bandwagon to minimize hassles of long waits and maximize the effectiveness of searches.

How Mediterranean Diet Can Become Beneficial For Older Women

Looking good and feeling good are two sides of the same coin. As we age both variables are vital to our vim and vigor, thus we navigate a changing body alongside a changing attitude about what foods go into our daily regimen.

The Good Men Project
Gerry Ellen Avery, Author at The Good Men Project

Gerry Ellen Avery is an author, freelance writer, and wellness consultant. She is constantly getting inspired by all that life has to offer. With a longstanding background in fitness, health, and wellness, she is passionate about writing and connecting with anyone willing to go a step further in their lives.

Elephant Journal
Gerry Ellen | elephant journal

Gerry Ellen is an author, freelance writer, and wellness consultant. She recently launched her own gig called *8 Paws Wellness with Gerry Ellen* which combines all of her passions (outdoors, yoga, strength, meditation, writing, dogs, fun!) Her first novel Ripple Effects was published in March 2012.

Rebelle Society
Gerry Ellen, Author at Rebelle Society

Often, the virtual Edit button has merit. With that comes responsibility, to our hearts, to others' hearts, to the collective, to the planet. It all adds up to a medley of a burn within. Our desire to change within, and ultimately be part of the global change, is capturing more than what any ...

a beauty full mind
a beauty full mind

Author Archive Gerry Ellen is a freelance writer, author of two books, Ripple Effects -published March 2012 - and A Big Piece of Driftwood - published April 2014 (both are available on amazon.com). She also currently writes for Rebelle Society, Be You Media Group, The Tattooed Buddha and Meet Mindful.

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